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  • Fe 2909 mikel lindsaar

    Production edge case with using a SCSS manifest file with the Asset Pipeline etc.

    05 May 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 33 includes: New Netguru Gem Will Help You Integrate React And Redux With Rails; ImageMagick vulnerability does not affect Paperclip; Testing Your Style With ESLint and Mocha; Rails 5 adds a way to get information about types of failed validations; Container-Ready Rails 5; Comparing Rails: Exploring WebSockets in Phoenix and more ...

  • Fe 2873 toby

    Tracking AdWords Conversions within JavaScript etc.

    28 April 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 32 includes: Unobtrusive JavaScript via AJAX in Rails; Adopting Modular JavaScript; Netguru Presents: Using Pusher.js With Rails And Ember. Ready-to-use SaaS; Factories Should be the Bare Minimum; Feature Flags; Geocoder: Display Maps and Find Places in Rails and more ...

  • Fe 2770 icon.ruby

    Introduction to Cells: A Better View Layer for Rails etc.

    21 April 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 31 includes: Why I can't leave Ruby for Elixir; New Reality release: comprehensive docs and other cool things; Speed Things up by Learning about Caching in Rails; New! Top 10 Sites Built With Ruby On Rails In 2016; Gemify Your Client-Side App for Rails; Improving Rails application documentation and more ...

  • Fe 2733 activeadmin singleton.png

    How to Handle Singletons in ActiveAdmin etc.

    14 April 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 30 includes: CarrierWave, Cloudinary and the path to Image Manipulation Enlightenment; Rails 5 allows to send log to STDOUT via environment variable; Metaprogramming in The Wild; Rails File Uploading You Can Believe in with Shrine; Validate multiple contexts together in Rails 5; Generate Excel Spreadsheets with Rails and the Axlsx Gem and more ...

  • Fe 2702 old master.jpg

    Improve Your Sketching by Shamelessly Copying etc.

    07 April 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 29 includes: OAuth is Easy, Right?; Why I love ugly, messy interfaces — and you probably do too; Rails 5 changes protect_from_forgery execution order; Talking with Tom Dale about Ember FastBoot and the Return of Scrappy JavaScript; Producing Documentation for Your Rails API; Whitelisting with the lesser-known #presence_in method and more ...

  • Frontendrails thumb

    Front End Rails Issue 28

    31 March 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 28 includes: Running an R Script From a Ruby on Rails App; Rails 5 changed Active Job default adapter from Inline to Async; 5 Ways to Save Time During Research; Zip It! Zip It Good with Rails and Rubyzip; Fragile Automation; Delete in Rails Without jQuery and UJS and more ...

  • Testing Tutor default thumbnail

    Run single tests in Ruby on Rails 4

    22 March 2016

    A zsh shell function to easily run single tests in Ruby on Rails 4.

  • Fe 2507 q logo

    React Native in Plain English etc.

    17 March 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 26 includes: Write Great Cucumber Tests; Rebuilding Git in Ruby; Creating new content types in Rails 4.2; How to Know When to Redesign Your Website; Suppress save events in Rails 5; Instagram-style filters in HTML5 Canvas and more ...

  • Fe 2424 application structure

    Ready to Try Ruby? An Awesome Rails Cheat Sheet etc.

    10 March 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 25 includes: Rails 5 adds http_cache_forever to allow caching of response forever; Entry Level? This will help!; Better exception responses in Rails 5 API apps; Surrogate WebSockets Alongside Rails; Developing a Test-Driven Front-End with Ember.js; Use file_fixture to access test files in Rails 5 and more ...

  • Fe 2405 codeship surrogate websockets alongside rails

    Surrogate WebSockets Alongside Rails etc.

    03 March 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 24 includes: Developing a Test-Driven Front-End with Ember.js; Use file_fixture to access test files in Rails 5; Migrations are versioned in Rails 5; Why We Use Test-Driven Development (TDD); A Quick Study of the Rails Directory Structure; The Majestic Monolith and more ...

  • Fe 2317 hamburger 1x.png

    The Value of Consistent Design etc.

    25 February 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 23 includes: Test-Driving Ember.js Components; How and why should you use JSON API in your Rails API?; Brace Yourselves, Rails Upgrade is Coming; Private classes in Ruby; To gem, or not to gem; Tailor Doorkeeper with Refresh Tokens, Views, and Strategies and more ...

  • Fe 2230 1455164495 image02

    Heroku Pipelines Emerges from Beta etc.

    18 February 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 22 includes: Ruby Threads and ActiveRecord Connections; Five Hacks to Level Up Your Learning as a Developer; Recap: Continuous Testing Meets the Classroom: Testing Online, Interactive Curriculum at [Webinar]; Rails: MVP vs prototype; Your Guide to Healthy SEO; Comparing Rails and Phoenix: Part I and more ...

  • Fe 2209 1*unu37uut8nm8dcflbfmz0a

    Latest batch of Basecamp 3 updates (January and early February) etc.

    11 February 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 21 includes: Making Error Alerts Less Noisy and More Useful; Running Your First Digital Project; Bonked By Basic_auth Because Bcrypt; Where and why I'm still using Rails; Teamwork in branding digital products; Configuring bundler using bundle config and more ...

  • Medium in ruby on rails demo index

    Rewrite Medium in Ruby on Rails, Part 2: Creating the posts

    03 February 2016

    In the first part of this short series on how to build a Medium site in Ruby on Rails, we setup the blog on an existing Rails app. We added the Post model and controller and showed a list of drafts and published posts. In this Part 2, we'll create and edit posts, using the Medium Editor library we installed on Part 1.

  • Frontendrails thumb

    Front End Rails Issue 20

    28 January 2016

    Front End Rails articles in this issue: How to Avoid Shared States Between Mixins in Ember.js; Stubbing External Services in Rails; Loading a specific file into Dotenv; Search for places along a route With Google Maps and RouteBoxer; The Most Important UX Predictions for 2016; Integrate Jasmine into Rails for Solid Javascript Testing and more ...