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  • Medium in ruby on rails demo index

    Rewrite Medium in Ruby on Rails, Part 2: Creating the posts

    03 February 2016

    In the first part of this short series on how to build a Medium site in Ruby on Rails, we setup the blog on an existing Rails app. We added the Post model and controller and showed a list of drafts and published posts. In this Part 2, we'll create and edit posts, using the Medium Editor library we installed on Part 1.

  • Frontendrails thumb

    Front End Rails Issue 20

    28 January 2016

    Front End Rails articles in this issue: How to Avoid Shared States Between Mixins in Ember.js; Stubbing External Services in Rails; Loading a specific file into Dotenv; Search for places along a route With Google Maps and RouteBoxer; The Most Important UX Predictions for 2016; Integrate Jasmine into Rails for Solid Javascript Testing and more ...

  • Medium in ruby on rails demo index

    Rewrite Medium in Ruby on Rails, Part 1: The Setup

    26 January 2016

    I love Medium's interface, clean, tidy, devoid of any bells and whistles, making you concentrate on what you're reading, or writing. When you highlight parts of a text, a little iPhone-like popup appears that allows you to format the selected text: make it bold, italic, a header, etc.. Let's see how we can rewrite Medium in Ruby on Rails.

  • Frontendrails thumb

    Front End Rails Issue 19

    21 January 2016

    Front End Rails articles in this issue: Trends in Ruby - analyzing rubygems stats for 2015; Redux in Plain English: A Workflow; How to Build Rails APIs Following the json:api Spec; Vim Magic with Abolish.vim; Continuous Delivery: Organisational Challenges; Ember App Deployment Process at Netguru and more ...

  • Ruby on Rails Tutor default thumbnail

    Conditional validations with ActiveRecord

    19 January 2016

    One of the processes that Ruby on Rails makes very easy is validating models conditionally. The perfect example I have encountered is validating parts of a model during updates, e.g. updating a user's password. We want to allow the users to enter the current password first, then enter a new password.

  • Fe 1985 codeship 5 reasons automated testing is worth the investment

    5 Reasons Automated Testing Is Worth the Investment etc.

    17 January 2016

    Front End Rails Issue 18 includes: WickedPDF and custom fonts in Rails; Let The (Puppy Bowl) Games Begin!; OAuth 2 All the Things with oPRO: Users and API; Continuous Delivery: Keeping A Clear Path To Production; Rails 5 brings consistency by wrapping all rake commands using rails and more ...

  • Processes Tutor default thumbnail

    Exclude files and folders from search in Sublime Text 3

    13 January 2016

    A simple way to exclude files and folders when searching on Sublime Text 3. And if you're using Rails' asset pipeline, the cache files will disappear from your search.

  • Ruby on Rails Tutor default thumbnail

    Upgrading to Ruby on Rails 5

    12 January 2016

    Last week I upgraded the Lugo Labs website to Rails 5. The process was easy overall, with some little tweaks. They involved the gems that I had installed in the app, and might not necessarily be the same as yours. Generally I found that the gem maintainers are doing a great job at updating their code bases to support the latest version of Rails, and I would like to thank them for that.

  • Ruby on Rails Tutor default thumbnail

    Simple exception monitoring in Ruby on Rails

    31 December 2015

    We have a look at installing exception_notification in a Ruby on Rails app to email us anytime an error occurs on our live site.

  • Lugo labs jquery weekpicker

    Turn jQuery UI datepicker into a weekpicker

    27 December 2015

    Where we transform the famous jQuery UI datepicker into a weekpicker. This means that when we hover over the calendar cells, the whole week row needs to be highlighted; and when we select a date, the week start and date will be returned. As usual, we'll add some nice styling to our new widget.

  • Jquery monthpicker screenshot

    jQuery Monthpicker plugin

    16 December 2015

    A new jQuery plugin that allows you to select a year and a month from a small popup, offering a callback with the selection.

  • Capistrano logo

    Deploy Ruby on Rails apps with Capistrano

    24 November 2015

    I really like Capistrano: it provides enough automation to my Rails apps, that I don't have to worry about gems, database migration, pre-compiling assets, restart job processors like Sidekiq, etc..

  • JavaScript Tutor default thumbnail

    Create a month picker jQuery plugin

    19 November 2015

    Where we create a month picker jQuery plugin following the recommended procedures. We'll generate the HTML via JavaScript, and style it with CSS. Demo inside.

  • Books on rails thumb

    Building a Ruby on Rails app part 5: The front end

    18 November 2015

    In the previous part of our "Building a Ruby on Rails app" series we completed the back end of our application, by fetching the book sales from In this post, the last in the series, we will look at the front end: showing the book list on the page together with their price movement.

  • Ruby on Rails Tutor default thumbnail

    Send emails with Mandrill and Rails

    15 November 2015

    Mandrill by MailChimp is an online service that sends transactional emails. We have used it to send emails in our Ruby on Rails apps for some time now, and we'll show how to do that here.