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Two reasons why I still love Ruby on Rails

Many years ago, when I was still working on classic ASP and ASP .NET, I used to think that some of the development I was doing was so complicated for what I was trying to achieve. I was yearning for simplicity. Then I discovered Ruby on Rails, which seemed to answer all my needs. My favourite acronyms in programming, KISS and DRY, were natively baked into Rails, so I dove into it with both feet.

Today, I still love Rails, because those acronyms are still so important. And because of that, I naturally favour the Rails way, because I don’t have to make decisions about the testing framework, the testing files, the view engine, etc. I am very happy to let Rails decide those for me. I don’t mean one test library is better than the other, or a view engine better than the other. What I mean is that it doesn’t matter. Or at least it doesn’t matter to me. It’s all Ruby, and written by some clever people, so that’s good enough for me.

The other reason I love Rails, is that is written in Ruby. Still the most beautiful language for me. I sometimes feel a bit sad when some big Ruby heroes move into other languages. I think, why would they move, isn’t Ruby made for programmer’s happiness…? Then I realize that that’s what people do, they move...