My 30 day challenge of writing every day has just started, and I am feeling the pressure already. But I should persevere. Even Queen Victoria used to blog every day. Well, it was not called blogging then, more like keeping a diary.

As a Victorian times aficionado, one of my favourite books is Queen Victoria by Elizabeth Longford. One thing remained in me from the book, is how the Queen’s mother, the Duchess of Kent, advised the young Victoria to keep a journal, and write in it every day. Nowadays, the advice to keep a journal (read blog) is everywhere, I give it myself many times. It is from those journals that we learned a lot about those great times.

Another example comes from another book Creativity Inc. by Pixar’s Ed Catmull. One of the recurring episodes in young Ed’s life, which would influence his decision to be an animator, were Walt Disney’s behind the scenes documentaries. Every week Disney would show on TV the process of making his animated movies, which addicted even more people to his films and more importantly his brand.

Today there are many great and famous people, that in theory don’t need to blog. After all they’re already famous, some even billionaire (Mark Cuban comes to mind). Nevertheless they produce content continuously. Even they do it, who am I to disagree.