What a great talk the ending keynote of RailsConf 2015 by Kent Beck was! Funny, clever, humble, and honest. The talk was about work, a developer’s work. It was very interesting to see this experienced programmer that has taught so many other IT developers over the years having the same work experiences as many of us.

Kent talked about what makes him at ease at work, mentioning among others to serve. What a great concept! He said that just the desire to serve, without worrying about the rewards, would make him feel good.

I couldn’t agree more. The feeling that I have had when helping a client to achieve a goal, an apprentice to learn a new way, was immense, above any rewards.

Let’s do that more, let’s raise above the petty discussions that don’t matter, let’s not focus how bad our colleagues’ code is, let’s not concentrate at how little the clients/managers know about websites, etc.

Let’s just serve.