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Zig Ziglar on starting early

Everything worth doing is worth doing poorly

19 June 2015 Business

Building products, when in doubt go back to basics

When building a web app (or any piece of software for that matter), I find...

8 May 2015 Business

Strive to be the best

Striving to be the best at everything we do is so important. It is arguably...

5 May 2015 Business

Be comfortable at work by serving your client

What a great talk the ending keynote of RailsConf 2015 by Kent Beck was! Funny,...

1 May 2015 Business

The chain of trust

I have been thinking about this for a long time: working with clients is all...

28 April 2015 Business

Henry Ford on business

"Business" in the sense of trading with the people is largely a matter of filling...

20 April 2015 Business

To start or not to start a competitive app?

It must happen to you too: thinking about an app for long time, imagine its...

19 April 2015 Business