Striving to be the best at everything we do is so important. It is arguably more important than achieving it. It is the fact that we do not accept mediocrity, middle grounds. It is linked with being responsible, of feeling bad when doing below par work.

It does not mean that we need to follow all the latest trends in technology/marketing, or even know them all - that would be impossible. It means that we have a clear and defined purpose of service that we follow no matter what.

It is easy to accept the client’s wishes and follow them. Ignore our guts, our experience, the inner voice that urges us to do better. But as an agency, or IT professionals, we have to give our very best every time. Even if sometimes means that we need to challenge the clients on their decisions. In fact, especially then.

Because we are in service of our clients, we will enjoy the fruits of our work. Like when they increase sales, land a big contract, etc..

We need to take pride in our work, and say to other clients/friends/family, “Look, we did that!”.