It must happen to you too: thinking about an app for long time, imagine its different faces, functionalities; envision this unique feature that everybody will love… Then one day you wake up, unhurriedly do a google search for similar apps, just to find out that not only is there a very similar app to your idea, but there are many of them. With unique features and all.

What do yo do? Do you give up? Or do you say, so what, there are many coffee shops out there, and people still open new ones. There are many apps with similar functionality to mine, so there must be a need for multiple apps. Do we stay away from a competitive space, or do we take it as a proof of concept. Isn’t easier to enter a known category than create a new one?

So many questions, but the best answer for me was given by Henry Ford:

The minutes we spend on a competitor's business we lose on our own.

Therefore it’s decided, I’m starting my own app in a competitive space. This will be the third website after and, and time will tell its future.


For anyone that follows my 30-day challenge of writing everyday, yesterday I posted a new tutorial on how to schedule tasks on Ruby on Rails at Lugo Labs’s Tutor website. Please check it out if you’re interested.