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Using Webpacker in Ruby on Rails applications

Using ES6 in Ruby on Rails applications with Webpacker: with Bootstrap, Turbolinks, fonts, and other...

24 March 2018 HTML

How we generate web fonts used in Lugo Labs

Use use Iconly-generated web fonts to display icons on the Lugo Labs website. With a...

28 February 2018 HTML

Improved no results messages

Many times in index pages we need to show a message that there are no...

2 March 2017 HTML

Rewrite Medium in Ruby on Rails, Part 1: The Setup

I love Medium's interface, clean, tidy, devoid of any bells and whistles, making you concentrate...

26 January 2016 HTML

Turn jQuery UI datepicker into a weekpicker

Where we transform the famous jQuery UI datepicker into a weekpicker. This means that when...

27 December 2015 HTML

jQuery Monthpicker plugin

A new jQuery plugin that allows you to select a year and a month from...

16 December 2015 HTML

Building a Ruby on Rails App Part 2: Styling the layout

In the first part of our Build a web app with Ruby on Rails series...

9 September 2015 HTML

jQuery UI Autocomplete with Ruby on Rails

Our task today is to build an autocomplete text box for searching books. We’ll use...

14 July 2015 HTML

Style select HTML element with CSS

Style native select HTML elements with CSS, turning them in beautiful elements. It uses the...

1 May 2015 HTML