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Using Webpacker in Ruby on Rails applications

Using ES6 in Ruby on Rails applications with Webpacker: with Bootstrap, Turbolinks, fonts, and other...

24 March 2018 JavaScript

Using Bootstrap 4 with Ruby On Rails

A quick walkthrough on how to add Bootstrap 4 to an existing Ruby on Rails...

15 February 2017 JavaScript

Custom Tabular plugins

Tabular is a small JavaScript library that builds tables using data fetched from the server....

8 January 2017 JavaScript

Creating data backed tables with Tabular and Ruby on Rails

We have been building data tables for ages, and much of the elements are the...

7 January 2017 JavaScript

Rewrite Medium in Ruby on Rails, Part 2: Creating the posts

In the first part of this short series on how to build a Medium site...

3 February 2016 JavaScript

Turn jQuery UI datepicker into a weekpicker

Where we transform the famous jQuery UI datepicker into a weekpicker. This means that when...

27 December 2015 JavaScript

jQuery Monthpicker plugin

A new jQuery plugin that allows you to select a year and a month from...

16 December 2015 JavaScript

Create a month picker jQuery plugin

Where we create a month picker jQuery plugin following the recommended procedures. We'll generate the...

19 November 2015 JavaScript

jQuery UI Autocomplete with Ruby on Rails

Our task today is to build an autocomplete text box for searching books. We’ll use...

14 July 2015 JavaScript