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Using Webpacker in Ruby on Rails applications

Using ES6 in Ruby on Rails applications with Webpacker: with Bootstrap, Turbolinks, fonts, and other...

24 March 2018 Processes

Let's Encrypt Ruby on Rails and Nginx

Install Let's Encrypt certificate on a Ruby on Rails application running on Linux and Nginx....

23 February 2018 Processes

Monitoring Ruby on Rails applications with Monit

At Lugo Labs we use Monit to monitor all our Ruby on Rails application related...

13 February 2018 Processes

Exclude files and folders from search in Sublime Text 3

A simple way to exclude files and folders when searching on Sublime Text 3. And...

13 January 2016 Processes

Learning from the best: Basecamp

That’s where all started, right? Rails, web agency, online products, remote working, open source, blogging...

19 May 2015 Processes