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Deploy Ruby on Rails apps with Capistrano

I really like Capistrano: it provides enough automation to my Rails apps, that I don't...

24 November 2015 Ruby

Building a Ruby on Rails app part 5: The front end

In the previous part of our "Building a Ruby on Rails app" series we completed...

18 November 2015 Ruby

Part 4: Importing book sales from Amazon with Ruby on Rails

Where we create the Rake task to fetch the rank sales from Amazon and save...

3 November 2015 Ruby

Building a Ruby on Rails App Part 3: Importing book details from Amazon

Where we create a list of popular Ruby on Rails books and then fetch their...

17 September 2015 Ruby

Handling CSV views in Ruby on Rails

This tutorial walks you through adding a template handler for CSV format to your Rails...

26 July 2015 Ruby

Two reasons why I still love Ruby on Rails

Many years ago, when I was still working on classic ASP and ASP .NET, I...

16 April 2015 Ruby