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How we generate web fonts used in Lugo Labs

Use use Iconly-generated web fonts to display icons on the Lugo Labs website. With a...

28 February 2018 UX

Improved no results messages

Many times in index pages we need to show a message that there are no...

2 March 2017 UX

Designing outside the box

I love Apple's new website, its expression, the mixture of different layers giving the feeling...

14 July 2015 UX

Content-first design

Designing marketing pages is quite easy nowadays: start with a some text on a big...

27 May 2015 UX

Learning from the best: Basecamp

That’s where all started, right? Rails, web agency, online products, remote working, open source, blogging...

19 May 2015 UX

Learning from the best: Airbnb

Airbnb is quite an inspiring website: sleek, clean, tidy, and without unnecessary elements on the...

29 April 2015 UX