by Lugo Labs

Making a website mobile friendly

The first version of was not mobile friendly at all. On smaller devices, the...

13 April 2015 website is now live

I said yesterday, that I was going to make an announcement today, and there it...

12 April 2015

My first 30 day challenge: write every day starts

Yesterday I was checking out Google’s Matt Cutts’ blog , where I ran into this...

11 April 2015

Create background patterns without images

Use the data url method for setting the background of an element without images ...

11 April 2015

How to set the language on a HTML page

To set the language on an HTML page use the lang attribute.

10 April 2015

Git cheat sheet

Practical git commands used everyday, including initialising a new git repo, committing with a message,...

8 April 2015

Henry Ford on taking venture capital

The most surprising feature of business as it was conducted was the large attention given...

7 April 2015

Seven freelance podcasts to get rid of fear

Podcasts have been a big resource for removing fear from my mind. I listen to...

5 April 2015

Standards mode vs Quirks mode

When in quirks mode the browser tries to be backward compatible by emulating rendering of...

4 April 2015


ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) is a W3C specification that makes your HTML more accessible...

3 April 2015