by Lugo Labs

Style select HTML element with CSS

Style native select HTML elements with CSS, turning them in beautiful elements. It uses the...

1 May 2015 HTML CSS

Learning from the best: Airbnb

Airbnb is quite an inspiring website: sleek, clean, tidy, and without unnecessary elements on the...

29 April 2015 UX

The chain of trust

I have been thinking about this for a long time: working with clients is all...

28 April 2015 Business

Henry Ford on business

"Business" in the sense of trading with the people is largely a matter of filling...

20 April 2015 Business

To start or not to start a competitive app?

It must happen to you too: thinking about an app for long time, imagine its...

19 April 2015 Business

Schedule Rails tasks with whenever and Capistrano

In this tutorial we learn how to schedule tasks on our Ruby on Rails apps....

18 April 2015 Ruby on Rails

Learning from the best: Digital Ocean

A look at Digital Ocean website, how they use the content marketing to reach a...

17 April 2015

Two reasons why I still love Ruby on Rails

Many years ago, when I was still working on classic ASP and ASP .NET, I...

16 April 2015 Ruby Ruby on Rails

Henry Ford on competition

The minutes we spend on a competitor's business we lose on our own

15 April 2015

Learning blogging from Queen Victoria

My 30 day challenge of writing every day has just started, and I am feeling...

14 April 2015