by Lugo Labs

Handling CSV views in Ruby on Rails

This tutorial walks you through adding a template handler for CSV format to your Rails...

26 July 2015 Ruby Ruby on Rails

Designing outside the box

I love Apple's new website, its expression, the mixture of different layers giving the feeling...

14 July 2015 UX

jQuery UI Autocomplete with Ruby on Rails

Our task today is to build an autocomplete text box for searching books. We’ll use...

14 July 2015 JavaScript HTML CSS

Render Markdown views with Redcarpet and Pygment in Rails

Our task is to create Rails views in Markdown as we do when we write...

20 June 2015 Ruby on Rails

Zig Ziglar on starting early

Everything worth doing is worth doing poorly

19 June 2015 Business

Content-first design

Designing marketing pages is quite easy nowadays: start with a some text on a big...

27 May 2015 UX

Learning from the best: Basecamp

That’s where all started, right? Rails, web agency, online products, remote working, open source, blogging...

19 May 2015 UX Processes

Building products, when in doubt go back to basics

When building a web app (or any piece of software for that matter), I find...

8 May 2015 Business

Strive to be the best

Striving to be the best at everything we do is so important. It is arguably...

5 May 2015 Business

Be comfortable at work by serving your client

What a great talk the ending keynote of RailsConf 2015 by Kent Beck was! Funny,...

1 May 2015 Business