by Lugo Labs

Create a Thin Caret with HTML and CSS

The carets are popular as hints for dropdown lists; this step-by-step tutorial will show how...

8 December 2014

Is design important?

Lugo Labs

7 December 2014

PostgreSQL Admin Cheatsheet

A few practical commands for managing PostgreSQL, including how to connect to a database, create...

4 December 2014

Composition pattern to extend library objects

Use the composition pattern when extending third-party library objects.

2 December 2014

Remove not required fields from forms

It is strange to see forms on web pages with asterisks (*) next to their...

30 November 2014

JavaScript is an object oriented language

JavaScript is an object oriented language, treat it as such.

4 November 2014

HTML5 doctype

Start your HTML pages with the correct HTML5 doctype.

3 November 2014

Caret without images

Build a caret without images (from Bootstrap).

1 November 2014

Regular expression from strings in JavaScript

Construct a regular expression from a string, useful for searching.

29 October 2014

Clear timeout in JavaScript

Clear previous timeouts before creating new ones.

28 October 2014